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A Level To Remember (part1)

May alam ka bang magandang love story? yung talgang hindi mo ma kakalimutan? well i guess lahat naman tayo eh na tutong mag mahal at malamang eh ang sagot mo sa tanong ko eh ang iyong love story.

well i have a love story of my own to tell, nang yari ito sa malayong lugar ng rune midgard sa isang online game. for all you dont know where midgard is try to ask google na lang kasi hahaba pa ang kwento at tinatamad na akong mag type ok /no1. at kung bakit ko i susulat ito? dahil ngayon ay october, anong meron sa october? tsaka nyo na ma lalaman. isapa ni rerequest din ni polgara na ilagay ko ang kwentong ito dahil nga daw maganda at kung hindi ko daw ito isusulat eh sya ang mag lalagay nito sa kanyang blog, kaya eto na polgara. pero bago ko simulan ang kwento meron akong gustong i share sa inyo a quote from one of my favorite film.

"I am no one special, just a common man with common thoughts. I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me, and my name will soon be forgotten. But in one respect, I've succeeded as gloriously as anyone who ever lived. I've loved another with all my heart and soul, and for me, that has always been enough." -the notebook


Once there was a knight in chaos named gaba who lived by his sword. He was broken hearted because of his past and sworn not to fall in love again. So he lived his life fighting and leveling up. Day pass by even months leveling up alone no one to talk to and hiding from his past, he was lonely, and said to himself “so what now? All this power and nothing to do” so he decided to walk south of prontera to go back where he started. Then he found a novice named kristal….

There is this lady assassin offering tank for 1k so the good knight decided to tank all novice for free

Kristal was a newbie,2 months ago she was playing at Odin server she transferred at Chaos because she have no one to talk to since some of her cousin where playing at Chaos, she said to her friend to make a new character at Chaos then they’ll meet since they were far from each other this is a way from them to be together again. Kristal is silent type and a loner, she hardly become angry unless provoked. She explore midgard out on own, since she goes along by herself she met different people, some are nice, others are friendly while some were scammers.
Kristal and lyrish started at chaos killing monsters at the field of Geffen. When Kristal completed her job she decided to go at Prontera City to get some milk for her solution. Since she doesn’t know where is the milk merchant, she decided to hunt milk from picky and when she come back to Prontera their path converged. And the story begins…

Since Kristal was so much fond of knight she asked this man if she can come with them. The knight was wondering why this novice has greater damage among the others, he never know, she has completed her job, she just doesn’t know to mix the solution to be a mage. Of all the novice Kristal catches his attention. He asked “ babae ka ba talaga?” and Kristal answered, “take a look at my friendster account (baka mainlove ka)” she said at the back of her mind. The knight whispered “ASA” . Then there was this one novice who asked the knight “kuya,bakit mo ginagawa ito?” then the knight answered “dahil dyan din naman ako galling.” Now, he got Kristal’s attention. She was startled…

Then after all the novice reached job level 10 the all left without even saying thank you “mga amp na yun ah mga ingrato” gaba said. Then amidst all the elder willow that had been killed by the novices one novice remain, it was kristal

“ano ?” gaba asked

“thank you po” kristal answered

“tara samahan na lang kita sa Geffen gawin nating mage yan” then they started their journey and reached Geffen before server maintenance. Gaba wanted to help her and even log in as kristal just to mix the solution for her. But a knight with an intelligence level 1 is no match for the mixing machine of Geffen.hours had passed nothing happened. Kristal ran out of milk she needed to mix the solution.
The knight said “ stay here, wait for me. What do you need?”
“I need a milk.” She answered.
“ilan?” the knight asked.
“isa lang po” the novice answered.
“stay here, I’ll be back.”
Then the night was gone, afterwards there was this BS named gaba jr. deal her and gave her 8 milks.

“go” the bs said.

After several tries, she asked gaba,

“naiinis ka na?”

“nope” gaba answered.

“ako kasi naiinis na,eh.. bukas na lang”

“nope” he replied. “don’t give up”

her eyes widened, she was shocked. “amp! Antipatikong BS ‘to, kung hindi lang ako tinulungan nito natarayan ko na ‘to” she said at the back of her mind.

finally they met a mage named kiluagon who was asking direction to where the wizards guild is. It so happened that gaba knows midgard just like the back of his had. Gaba took kilo to the wizards guild only to find out that he is just only job level 30 “AMP!” so they returned to kristal at the mixing machine and still a novice so gaba asked kilo if he could helped kristal to mix the solution. Gaba ask for the user and pass of Kristal and mix the solution for her and he asked for her mobile number so that he would text her if she can log in. Kristal says to herself “hmp! Man’s style” but then a part of her is saying “so what? I want to be a mage tonight” So she gave her number and after a few minutes gaba texted her… Kristal now is a full pledge mage. Then he got his knight again and invites her to join the guild, Kristal refused because She’s only level 13 then, such a shame, but gaba insisted. ”lalakas ka din”

Then he took Kristal with him along Geffen city, he gave her a puppet, a guard, a shoes and a ribbon. Then they go to lzlude. Gaba thought it was the last time that he will see Kristal, so he goes on with his life leveling up.


-To be continued

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