Wednesday, May 13, 2009

As I Lay Me Down

Though it's not clear to me
Every season has its change
And I will see you
When the sun comes out again


  1. Venigna VanquiyudMay 16, 2009 at 9:19 PM

    i love how he protect me,i love us walking together, talking about world,life, there are so many things, i love and apreciate about meng, things that i dont know if he himself notice.

    i love his nose,wakokoko!! yan ang una kong napansin.. i love the way he kissed and hugged gabo and yuri i see how much he love them, i love how he talk with humor and wisdom,he's different from any other man i knew. well, sige na nga i love how he thinks,kahit minsan ay out of this world(i mean madalas pala) and i love how he remind me "un nga ang minahal mo sa kin,abno". i love how he played tiberian sun kahit minsan ay bwisit ako, strategy,eh i love how he listen to my every story kahit antok na antok na sya.

    i love how he kissed me goodbye and good night. i love how he wakes me up morning,and send me to bed at night.

    I love how we spend days together(kahit straight TUNA ang ulam) at cympre! i love how we clean his jurassic room, kahit hirap na hirap ako habang nanonood cya ng skulls at pagvavacuum lang ang ginawa nya.

    i love how he keeps the memories of the past..

    i love how he gives me a peco-peco ride.and i love how he makes a peco-peco face.

    i love listening to his stories,i love how we watch movies together,how we visit video city and rent 4 VCD's kahit alam namin na impossibleng mapanood namin un lahat.

    i love how he listen to my tales in between the movie. i love how he kiss and hug me by surprise. i love how he put smiles on my face. i love how we set plans for our future.

    i love how he gets so excited (he would probably run for rest room)i love how he cooked the corned beef with cheese. i love how we sat together sipping our coffee talking about nothing. i love his pillow my official loving,pero cympre si jo pa din ang pinaka loving,hirap lang yakapin ang laki kasi,.

    i love how he hugged me till my eyes fell off to sleep. i love how he tell me "Hoy matulog ka na" "wag matigas ang ulo"

  2. basta sakin na siya har har har! wakokokok!


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