Thursday, September 20, 2007

Come And Sit With Me 0:49:21

"Some people do spend their lives together."
- anna scott notting hill
Who can ever forget the movie notting hill, where an actress fell in love with an ordinary man.

one thing that catches my attention in this film is the scene in the garden where they found an old bench. i wonder what happened to june and joseph, cguro maganda din ang love story nila.

for me the most important part of the film is when anna scot (julia roberts) invited William (Hugh grant) to sat beside her. and if you really undesrstand what anna mean by saying "come sit beside me" well.....

if you haven't watched the film yet i suggest you rent or buy a cd for u to understand what the heck am i taking about.

every body is looking for a partner that he or she can brag about. (pare look mo shota ko HOT yan), but for me masaya na ako sa taong masarap ka kwentuhan and can read me books hanggang makatulog ako on her lap.

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